Thanks for visiting The Two Birds!

Well, I’ve been procrastinating for long enough, its time to write our first post! I’ve really been overthinking the whole thing, trying to decide what our “grand entrance” should look like, and finally it all boils down to one thing:


For the first Two Birds post, we would just like to say ‘thank you’ to our amazing family and friends, both old and new. To our families, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your encouragement and support. Its been in all shapes and sizes, and appreciated greatly. From the moment we first mentioned that we *might* want to move over 2,000 miles from everything and everyone we know, you all encouraged us to follow our hearts (even though it was breaking some of yours). Words can’t describe how much we miss you, we are working hard so that we can come home to visit soon, and so that we can create a place for you to come visit and explore this inspiring part of the country.

To our friends…your encouragement is loud and clear, even thousands of miles away…thank you for supporting us in all of your unique ways. Many of you have chosen to have us create special pieces for you, from pendants to engagement rings, and its always an honor. We never take for granted the opportunity to be part of something so personal. Thank you for keeping in touch, and all the love and encouragement.

And to our new friends: Taos, you are truly a special place. We are grateful everyday for our new neighbors and friends who have helped adjust to this new life and adventure…thank you for welcoming us with open arms into your homes, studios, and galleries. You inspire us daily!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. If you’ve come across this post, you are certainly included in the above list!

Much Love,

Aimee and Joe