Coming soon!

We’re excited to share that we will be opening a new store in Ashford, CT at the end of October! 

We’ve enjoyed being on the road this summer, sharing our work at events around CT and New England, but it’s time to grow, as well as have a place for a nice big workshop and a show room. Being back in the “quiet corner” of CT is a great feeling, and we’re looking forward to this next big step in our lives.

   Thank you to all of our family, friends and loyal customers who have supported and encouraged us along the way! It’s been a busy year full of invaluable learning curves, and we feel more prepared than ever to put our roots down in one of the most beautiful areas of CT. 

4 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. This is amazing! i live in ashford, i hope everything works out.

    I seem to have misplaced my wedding ring, if it doesn’t show up soon is there a chance we maybe able to find a right at your shop?

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    • Hi Christine! Thank you, we look forward to meeting our Ashford neighbors!
      We can certainly help you with that, even replicate your old ring if you’d like. But I do hope for sentimental reasons that your wedding band turns up!


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