We’re on twitter! And other news…

Keep up to date on the adventures of Two Birds Jewelers! Lots on new things on the horizon for us! We have an always growing collection of original designs, and are busy planning our New England tour taking place this summer and fall!

Find us on Twitter @twobirdsjewels

We flew the coop…

As some of you may know, we’ve decided to close our shop in Taos for a number of reasons. Last summer we had opened a shop in beautiful Northern New Mexico in search of health, freedom, and adventure. But after nearly 1 year open, it became apparent that this was not the path for us. Our health was dwindling (mostly mental health), we felt anything but free (more like caged birds), and there wasn’t much room for but a handful of exploration while having a brick and mortar store.

After meeting lots of folks in the jewelry and handcraft world and considering their success, we’ve taken the que to focus on sharing our work at shows and fairs as well as our online platform. This summer our focus will be traveling throughout New England and the East Coast. It was a hard and scary decision to make after investing all we had into opening the store in Taos, but ultimately, this lines up with our values and goals, and we’re super excited to be heading out on the road, (and being true to ourselves!)

Our decision has been met with a lot of questions, concerns, and doubt, as most bold decisions are. (Nothing new there!) On the other hand, we’ve received tons of encouragement and support from some of the kindest, most successful people we’re blessed to have in our lives. Thank you to the folks who have cheered us on and keep us inspired! We’re grateful to the doubters too, as it’s an important lesson in character, and cherishing our true selves. Life is too short to live how other people think you should live.

On that note, we’re wishing our readers strength, health, and happiness as you head out on your adventures!

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